Joey Fonacier

// virtual and augmented reality interaction designer

I’m an interdisciplinary designer who employs architecture, 3D animation, coding, and human-centered design to make VR and AR technology accessible to all audiences. The following projects show my process of utilizing emerging technologies and design thinking to create XR products that are useful, usable, and enjoyable for everyone.

VR Bathroom Designer

// virtual reality interface design

Designing a virtual reality interface in a new three dimensional medium to help people with home renovations

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virtual reality bathroom
design sketches for the VR bathroom project

VR Pipefitter Math

// virtual reality training simulaton

Designing a simulation to train pipefitter apprentices math and geometry in virtual reality.

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Fundamental VR Interactions

// senior thesis project

Study, design, prototype and test a VR interface that is intuitive, useable, and delightful.

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VR & 3D Projects

// Architecture, VR & 3D Animation

I believe in well organized 3D layers and commenting my code

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Rendering overlaid with a VR house
sketches for architecture and animation projects

the Agenda

// UX & Product design

Choreographing digital and physical interactions to manage attention and increase productivity

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Design sketches for the Agenda project

GoGriffith app

// UX design

Utilizing quantitative research to design intuitive data visualizations that help park visitors avoid crowds during COVID

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Screenshots of the GoGriffith app
design sketches and low fidelity prototypes for the GoGriffith project